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Ordering and Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send order confirmations?

You will automatically receive an email confirming all details about your order to the email that was provided within one hour of when your order was placed.

What if I don’t receive a confirmation of my order?

If you don't receive confirmation of your order within 24 hours, send us an email at and we will be happy to check the status of your order. We answer all email inquiries and phone calls from 9am-6pm EST Monday - Friday and 9am-3pm EST Saturday. To check your order status, please provide us with the following information: your order number, email address, billing zip code and the date you order was placed.


What if I’m having trouble ordering from your site?

Customers may occasionally experience problems that are related to the security settings on their browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc). If you are experiencing a problem when using our website, please send an email to We answer all email inquiries and phone calls from 9am-6pm EST Monday - Friday and 9am-3pm EST Saturday. 

How do I track my order?

You can check the status of your order by going to the Order Status page and entering your order number, email address and billing zip code.

Can I return or exchange an item?

We accept return requests for some of our products. However, we do not offer exchanges. Replacement or substitute product must be purchased separately. Please see our return policy for more infomation.

Can I ship items to multiple addresses?

We do not support multiple addresses per order. We recommend placing one order per shipping address.

Why is the price for an item different from when I added it to the shopping cart?

Prices are subject to change — including temporary reductions as well as permanent increases. The prices of items in your cart represent the current price for which you will be charged.

Can I order a cake?

Cake and Candy Supply is not a bakery and does not accept cake orders. Cake and Candy Supply offers baking and decorating tools in our store, and they can be shipped.