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AmeriColor Flo-Coat for Candy Chocolate Colors 2oz

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Americolor Flo-Coat allows you to colour chocolate using the Americolor soft gel paste colours, without the chocolate seizing. By adding Flo Coat to chocolate, it will allow you to use any one of the Americolor soft gel paste colours to give you a rich, glossy and vibrant colour every time. 

  • Flo-Coat turns water into oil for candy coloring
  • Flo-Coat allows our soft gel paste to color the chocolate
  • By adding Flo-Coat to the chocolate, it will allow you to use any one of our soft gel paste colors
  • Will give you a rich, glossy and vibrant color every time
  • By mixing and measuring using "drops" of color you can achieve precise easy-to-repeat colors every time 

Great for chocolate candy coloring, our 2 oz Oil Candy Color comes in handy with various other projects that require oil based color as we all know water and oil don’t mix! These 2 oz bottles are more than enough for the average user and provide consistency and quality!

Product made in The United States Ingredients: Proylene Glycol, Lecithin, and may contain one or more of the following U.S. Certified colors: Blue 1 Lake (E133), Blue 2 Lake (E132), Red 40 Lake (E129), Yellow 5 Lake (E102), Yellow 6 Lake (E110). Does not contain peanuts or tree nuts and is not manufactured in a facility or on equipment which processes nut products. Kosher Certified.
*Due to the calibration differences between computer monitors,  tablets, etc., the color you see here may not exactly match the finished product. 
Our feedback on Flo-Coat:
This is great for coloring white chocolate or adding colors to white candy melts.
Use 5 drops to 1 drop of gel color. Depending on the amount of chocolate you are using. If I am coloring a 12 oz bag of candy melts I would drop ten drops of Color flow to two drops of gel concentrated colors. If I am wanting to add color to half bag (6oz) I would only start with 5 drops Color flow to 1 drop of gel. Example 5 parts color flo to 1 part gel colors Once you test this product out, it’s a win. I have played around with several different brands of gel color and they all worked great, although Americolor gels work best but this could be more of a preference :)... This product was designed to keep chocolate from splitting or becoming very grainy while adding the color of your choice and allowing you to use a gel concentrated colors so that you are not having to rely solely on candy colors. We all know that water and chocolate are not a good recipe for good smooth shiny chocolate. This product replaces water with oil. This is a money saver for those of us that have lots of gel colors and not many candy colors. It also allows you to create a color you prefer without sacrificing. Wilton has a variety of colors with their candy melts, and they are great but I like having the option to changing my candy to a color I prefer. This has changed the way I purchase candy melts by purchasing most in White or bright white. Sometimes I have had to sacrifice in the color I had choose for a cake drip or even in using my candy molds because the color I needed was not in the kitchen. This product saves the day. I have tried this product on white chocolated and also on compound chocolate. It works great on both. The color takes beautifully. This product also has lethicin which also enhances and deepened the color.