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Bakell's Satin Ice 5 lb. White Vanilla Fondant Tub Bucket

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Bakell fondant is made by Satin Ice and is the same formula as Satin Ice just private labeled! 

Bakell's Satin Ice Fondant is made from a premium quality recipe allowing you to create a smooth, elegant finish perfect for custom wedding, novelty and special-occasion desserts. Bakell's Satin Ice Fondant can be used to cover cakes as well as create decorative borders, flowers, figurines, drapes & bows.

Rolls Thin for Greater Value, Smooth Elegant Finish, Superior Marshmallow Taste, Exceptional Workability, Endorsed by World’s Greatest Artists

Attributes: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Trans Fat Free, Nut Free, Kosher, Vegan


Assuming you do not introduce moisture into the pail, and it is sealed properly again, it is good for at least six months after being opened.

The shelf life of our products ranges from 12-18 months, depending on ingredients and color and will be marked on each individual product with a ‘Best Before’ Date. This date means that in order to experience the optimal texture, taste, color and aroma of our product, we recommend using it before this date. Once the fondant has been opened, assuming it is still under the best before date and has been handled and stored properly (see Storage), we recommend using it within 6 months. 

COVERED CAKE: When applied correctly, fondant seals the cake, which extends the shelf life. - A boxed, fondant-covered cake at room temperature is good for 7-10 days. However, if it has a dairy filling this would reduce to 3-4 days, depending on filling.

- Once in the refrigerator, assuming the cake is boxed, two to three weeks would be an approximate shelf life. With this being said, the more air-proof the box, the longer the shelf life. When refrigerating, it is best to cover your cake, or seal it in plastic wrap, as most refrigerators – standard home or commercial – have high humidity which can cause water droplets to form on your decorated cake.


What allergies should I be aware of? We are happy to say our Fondant and Gum Paste are Allergen-Free, Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Nut Free. Please note our Gum Paste contains Egg Whites.

Is the fondant vegan? YES this fondant is 100% vegan. The glycerine used is plant derived and our sugar is not filtered through bone char. 

Is it Kosher/Paerve? Yes!

Isi t Halal certified? We are happy to say that we have a line of Halal Certified products.