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Wilton Easy Pour Funnel, 4" x 5"

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Wilton 1904-552

Make delicious treats with this Wilton Easy-Pour Funnel 19404-552. It features a push button that allows you to control the flow. The Wilton candy funnel is made of nylon, allowing for easy care. It is an ideal choice when you are making candy and decorating cakes. You will be able to put the exact amount of topping or frosting that you desire. The device also features one-handed convenient operation that makes it fun and easy to use. You can use this candy-making funnel for putting batter into cupcake and brownie pans. It can also be used for pancake batter and more. It can be easily filled and operated with little effort. It will make a handy addition to the rest of the baking supplies and equipment in your kitchen. Now your baked goods will have a bit of a professional look and feel to them. You will not over pour or overdo it with the amount of batter, frosting or topping you use with this easy-pour funnel.
The Wilton Easy-Pour Funnel will make you look forward to taking on your next baking project so you can handle it like a pro.

Easy-Pour Candy Making Funnel, 5" x 4":
  • This funnel features a push button that controls flow of candy
  • Wilton candy funnel size: 5" x 4"
  • This candy-making easy-pour funnel is made of nylon
  • Wilton candy funnel 1904-552 provides one-handed operation