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Wilton Pop-Up Piping Tip Dispenser with 12 Disposable Piping Tips, Tip 2A

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More decorating, less cleanup! Great for decorators who need piping tips in bulk, this Pop-Up Piping Tip Dispenser with Disposable Piping Tips makes decorating easier than ever. Each pop-up dispenser holds 12 plastic tips, so tips stay organized and out of the way on your counter. Once you're done, you can wash and load the tip back into the dispenser, or just toss it and grab another one! Perfect for piping large dots, round swirls and filling cake layers, the large round 2A tip is a great one to have on hand. It fits 12 and 16 in. decorating bags and can also be used to pipe meringue batter, marshmallows and more.
  • Pop-up piping tip dispenser makes decorating easier than ever with pre-loaded, disposable plastic tips
  • Tip dispenser holds 12 plastic 2A piping tips, keeping counters and workspaces clean of clutter
  • Tips are disposable, but can be hand washed and used again
  • Includes 12 large 2A round tips; 1 tip dispenser
  • Large 2A round tip is great for piping dots, round swirls or using to fill cake layers
  • Material: Dispenser is plastic; tips are plastic and color-coded for easy identification (2A tips are light green)
  • Large 2A round tip fits both 12 in. and 16 in. decorating bags; can be used with a large coupler
  • To reuse, hand wash tips in warm, soapy water; rinse and dry thoroughly before reloading into dispenser