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Wilton Versa-Tools Squeeze and Pour Spatula

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SKU 2103-4362
Wilton Versa-Tools Silicone Squeeze, Spread and Pour Spatula for Cooking and Baking
Easily scrape, spread and pour your ingredients with this Versa-Tools Silicone Squeeze, Spread and Pour Spatula. The flexible silicone and durable construction allow this spatula to bend and flex, making it perfect for scraping the sides of bowls or pouring batter into smaller pans or cavities. It can also be used for icing cakes or sauteing savory ingredients in a skillet without damaging the pan. Use it to get uniform cupcakes, scoop and drop brownie batter from the bowl to the pan or scoop and serve vegetables or eggs from your non-stick or stainless steel pan. Durable and easy to use, this silicone spatula gives versatile a whole new meaning!
  • Easily scrape, spread and scoop your ingredients with this Versa-Tools silicone squeeze, spread and pour spatula
  • Great for scraping the sides of bowls, spreading icing on a cake or lifting ingredients from pan to plate
  • Can be used for sweet or savory baking and cooking
  • Silicone spatula features flexible middle and sturdy sides so you can easily squeeze, scoop and pour your batter
  • Safe for use on stove top; do not rest utensil in hot pan or leave unattended while cooking
  • Sturdy handle and construction means this spatula is ideal for handling heavier doughs and batters; flexible handle makes it easy to squeeze and pour batter and ingredients
  • Material: Silicone
  • Hand wash before first and after each use; dishwasher safe