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High Dome Plastic Cupcake Containers Holder Carrier, Holds 6

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These are strong plastic Cupcake containers hold 6 cupcakes, and they have a large dome to protect your cupcakes or other baked goods.  The containers will make transportation easier as they hold the cupcakes nicely and will not move.

These containers have wide ribbing along the sides for added strength, this plastic protects your baked goods. It's resistant to water and oxygen and does not transmit exterior odors to food products. Plus, this container's durability enables you to stack containers for compact presentation and transportation. You can purchase with confidence knowing that this product is safe since it's made of approved material.

This container's hinged lid and two lock tabs ensure the container remains securely sealed, but also opens effortlessly. No need to transfer cupcakes or muffins to another container. Plus, this container's grid placement and thumb indentations allow adequate room for party guests to select their own cupcake or muffin without accidentally touching someone else's food.

Product Dimensions

Length: 9 9/16" - Width: 7 1/16" - Height: 3 7/16" - Top Compartment Diameter: 2 1/2" - Bottom Compartment Diameter: 2 1/4"