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Wilton Versa-Tools Mix and Mash Spatula

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Wilton Versa-Tools Silicone Measure and Mix Spoon for Cooking and Baking
Easily scrape, mix and stir your ingredients with this Versa-Tools Silicone Mix and Whisk Spatula. The unique design of this tool makes it great for breaking down clumps in batter or browning meat. It can also be used to mash fruit for filings or spreads and can scrape down bowls as you work. Use it to make delicious guacamole or break down and cook ground meat for tacos. You can also use it to mash and mix berries for homemade jams, jellies and fillings or break up clumps in your pancake or cake batter. Durable and easy to use, this silicone spatula gives versatile a whole new meaning!
  • Easily scrape, mix and stir your ingredients with this Versa-Tools silicone mix and whisk spatula
  • Great for scraping the sides of bowls, mixing ingredients together or mashing fruits together
  • Can be used for sweet or savory baking and cooking
  • Silicone spatula features unique design ideal for breaking up clumps in ground beef or batter
  • Safe for use on stove top; do not rest utensil in hot pan or leave unattended while cooking
  • Sturdy handle and construction means this spatula is great for tackling heavier ingredients, such as cooked berries, guacamole or brownie batter; unique design is ideal for mixing and mashing avocados, fruit, ground beef and more
  • Material: Silicone
  • Hand wash before first and after each use; dishwasher safe